Roger’s House

Rear Entrance

Roger’s House

An existing “renovators dream” situated in a good location in an established suburb and clients with lovely ideas and beautiful pieces to occupy specially designed spaces. A true collaboration and combination of ideas and the discerning experience that the clients brought to this project resulted in the creation of a very special home.

A new entrance hall with new roof linking new garages to the existing house, a new dining room space formed by closing off part of a huge existing ill designed living space. A high level opening into this dining space from a new stair access and the bay window plus new double doors make this room the perfect spot to house the client’s unique circular dining room table.

A separate upper level bedroom suite area, newly designed and fitted kitchen, new guest bathroom, family TV room and the replanning of existing bathrooms and a large covered terrace all formed part of the original brief.

The thatch roof was altered and reshaped to cover the new spaces added and changed in the original home. New high level clerestory windows and redesigned roof beams make the thatch ceiling areas in the reception spaces a special element in this home.

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