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House Glyn

A graceful Cape Georgian style existing residence, a beautiful tall-treed garden and views across the green suburbs towards a high-rise skyline in the distance. This paints the picture of the existing residence requiring additional accommodation for a family growing up and spilling out of the original envelope.

The utilization of dead space above the garages and kitchen wing gave plenty of footprint area to provide a new study/library and new family room with large TV and a kitchenette as well as new bathroom and bedroom as a suite.

A separate guest unit with en-suite bathroom was also added and this is accessed from the bridge at the top of a new exterior alternate stair access which overlooks a new formal vegetable garden outside the main kitchen.

High level specially designed clerestory dormer windows and roof lights allow light into the space while blocking views that might invade and compromise privacy.

Interior and finishes were designed and implemented in close collaboration with the client. Soft décor was selected by the client. The completed project complements and integrates well with the existing residence.

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